Rule One! Appreciate your Customers

Many business owners quickly forget that their customers are real human beings like themselves. They fail to realize that these customers also have feelings, goals, dreams, families and even other

Revealed! Businesses That Follow-Up Win

If you are sincerely interested in your business growth, then you must follow-up on your prospects and existing customers. It is as simple as that. It is not uncommon to

Your customers coming again & again!

Customized thank yous are simply unique appreciative methods that businesses use to show appreciation to their customers. The truth is human beings, including your customers, love to be appreciated. How

5 Ideas to get back on your feet!

Our world is going through a unique time in history. And many countries are finding new ways to deal with the virus even while saving the economy.For you, that means

3 Reasons for Great Customer Service

People can forget what they bought from you, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Great customer service entails how you and your employees treat your customers. Were

Profitable with E-Mail

Simple Landing Page with Auto-Responder With a maximum of just 100 subscribers, the cost for the auto-responder set up is at under $100 per month with a professional manager. The

Take-Home Dessert

Selling Dessert is Tricky Another area that you can begin to grow with little or no effort is the take-home dessert. This needs to be a take-home dessert as if

5 Direct mail Famous Closings

Introduction You have just finished your direct mail pitch and in the closing paragraph, you add one of the following closings. These are famous quotes from the people of the

Holiday Email Technique

So it’s holiday time and yet you have one more email to send before the festive holiday. Here is a simple technique used to deliver your email with a personal

Conventional Direct Mail?

Direct Mail in Marketing Direct mail has been rumored to be a dying communication form, but studies have shown that it still has a place in the world of marketing.