3 Reasons for Great Customer Service

People can forget what they bought from you, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Great customer service entails how you and your employees treat your customers. Were you friendly or otherwise?
Three of the most evident reasons why customers buy from a business with great customer service include the following;
1. They are treated well
All human beings crave attention and affection. While the levels of our cravings are different, we all long for them. Now, any business that can unlock this aspect wins. Think about it, a restaurant that responds to your orders most respectably and efficiently or another whose employee shuns you, which are you likely to enter the next time? Without a doubt, the former wins. People remember who makes them feel good, and you better be that business who does that.

2. Showcases a healthy culture
When you treat people well, they tend to believe you are a good person with their interest at heart. Now, excellent customer service drives customer retention, and the reason for that is because it fosters trust between the business and its customers. People prefer to deal with businesses with excellent customer service because they are relived and able to trust a person who treats them well.

3. They feel included
Customers get acquitted to a business when they are informed about every step in the business journey. One great way businesses appreciate their customers these days is to keep them updated on news concerning the business, whether new staff, another recipe or location in another neighborhood. Customers appreciate this because they feel included and they in return, share a part of them with the business.