Food Bank Fundraiser
Food Bank Fundraiser

The food bank fundraiser opportunity is a community opportunity for the local schools, community sports, church groups, or any organization that has a cause that needs money during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The community supports the local food bank through a dinner night at the restaurant. For the dinner night the menu is suspended and what is served is the featured menu item. This can be both take-out and delivery plus the restaurant dine in.

As an example, we have Wednesday night Spaghetti and Tuesday night Steak. The restaurant chooses the feature menu item.

The restaurant gets paid food costs plus 20% for preparation. The money left over and the food leftover is donated to the food bank and the community support organization. With the food going to the food bank plus all caned donations and 50% of the money. The local organization receives 50% of the money. The donation receipt goes to the restaurant.

That’s it! The fundraiser food night!