Email Terms and Descriptions
Email Terms and Descriptions

From Field, You can find the name of the sender here

Subject Field, I provide a hint about the topic of the email

Signature, I am automatically placed at the end of the mail

CC Field, Contains a list of other visible recipients of the email

BCC Field, The name(s) of invisible email recipients are input here

SMTP, The acronym of simple mail transfer protocol

POP, Local email clients need me to retrieve email

Attachment, Term for images or files affixed to email

Autoresponder, You need me to send automated email messages

Spam Folder, The folder where mails from spammers usually end up

Broadcast, The process used to send identical mails to multiple recipients

Content, The body of the mail

Client, Recipients often use me to read mail

Domain, Part of the address after the @ symbol

Prefix, I always appear before the @ character

Bounce, This is what happens when your mail cannot be delivered

Gmail, The world’s leading web mail service provider

Formatting, You use me to change text size, color, etc.

Phishing, Method scammers use to gather recipient’s private information via email

DNS, Acronym for server name domain in reverse

Download, The process used to get mail from the server

Header, Cryptic text containing information of the path of the email

IMAP, Protocol, other than POP, used to retrieve email messages

Tracking, I am an indispensable part of email marketing campaigns

Whitelist, A list containing email addresses that bypass spam filters

Filter, You configure me to permit and block incoming mails.