Revealed! Businesses That Follow-Up Win

If you are sincerely interested in your business growth, then you must follow-up on your prospects and existing customers. It is as simple as that. It is not uncommon to find many small business owners being resistant about following up; some don’t want to come out as being pushy, while others are just plain lazy.

Reports have shown that 80% of sales require five follow-up calls. So, if you never follow-up in the first place, you aren’t even trying. You must remember that people buy from businesses they trust and follow-up can help you gain your prospects and existing customers’ trust. It is what top businesses are using, and you should follow-up too.

You may ask, “what exact benefits does following-up bring to my business?” Let’s go over some of those;

● Showcases You Don’t Take Them for Granted
Imagine you bought some shoes from a retail store and two days later, you got a mail or call from the business owner wanting to know if you like your shoe or if at all you will be wearing it out the next day. You can bet that you will be all smiles the next time you find yourself in the store. It is simple, what businesses that follow-up is telling their customers is this, “Hey, I value that you buy from us, we appreciate you and we love to see you smile.”

● Establishes Rapport
You must remember that relationships matter in business. Businesses that win use follow-up to build rapport with their customers. Many buyers have reported that businesses that take time to establish a good rapport with them through regular follow-ups eventually got them to do business with them.

● Eventual Boost in Sales
This should come as no surprise. Many businesses who give up after one or two follow-ups never achieve the success that good follow-up brings. When you don’t give up, it won’t be long before you start reaping the benefits also.