“Thank your Parent’s/Grandparent’s Challenge”

6 Things You Should Thank Your Parents/Grandparents for Today

Say thank you with a handwritten greeting card. Download the above Card.
Say thank you with a handwritten greeting card. Download the above Card.

When you think about your parents, what comes to mind? The many amazing experiences you had together? It is true what they said that not all heroes wear capes. For many of us, our parents are the first heroes we knew. It is rather surprising that many of us fail to appreciate these amazing beings for their labor of love.

Seeing how much we ought to thank our parents, it is somehow unbelievable that we find it difficult to do. You will soon find out that one of the many reasons for this is that there are just way too many things to be thankful for. So, the best way to go is to start to thank them for the little things one after the other.

Having recognized how important our parents are, we are setting up a “Thank your parents challenge”. This is your chance to show them you really care. Let us know how wonderful your parents are.

So, what do you thank your parents for, especially when you are planning to send them a handwritten card? Here are a few simple ideas to help you.

  1. Letting You Be A Child

This might sound not so real, but if you know the number of children all over the world who have been robbed the chance to be children, then you will be thankful. If your parents did an amazing job letting you be carefree and be as happy as possible as a child, then you should thank them for that. A message as simple as “thank you, dad and mom, for letting me be a child. I appreciate it.” will do.

  1. Letting You Know When You Need To Be An Adult

It’s hard when growing up. You should thank your parents for helping you make the first steps towards adulthood. Say, “thank you, mom, for always being there when I was growing up. You stood by me and showed me the way.”

  1. Putting Up With Your Teenage Angst

If you have ever seen a teenager or been around one recently, then you will know it’s not easy being an adult around a teenager. But your parents did nevertheless. Hormonal angst in teenagers makes them want things completely their way, but parents are there to make sure they do the right things. Thank your parents for that.

  1. Having To Learn Maths Again

Many people say when you leave college, you don’t need algebra again, but your parents can testify that isn’t true. They had to learn all over so they can help you with your homework. You should thank them for that too.

  1. Listening To You Even When You Are Boring or Annoying

Parents have to listen to the same routine over and over again from their children and bear it even when they are annoying. You will appreciate this more when you have children. Throughout all those years, your parents didn’t falter, you should appreciate them.

  1. Leaving You When You Needed It

Not everyone knows when to leave someone they truly love, especially parents. You should appreciate yours for letting you live your life and be given your space when you needed it.

You see, our parents are the first humans we know, and for their many sacrifices for us, we might not be able to thank them enough. However, if we can appreciate them for a few of the little things they did while we were growing up, like those listed above, it will count as something. Don’t go through today without sending a handwritten card to your parents, come up with less than 50 words to show your gratitude in our “Thank your parent’s challenge”, appreciating them for all their love over the years.