Rule One! Appreciate your Customers

Many business owners quickly forget that their customers are real human beings like themselves. They fail to realize that these customers also have feelings, goals, dreams, families and even other businesses to patronize. Don’t be like those entrepreneurs; make it a duty to consciously appreciate your customers.

Oftentimes, simply sending a “thank you for your patronage” email can go a long way. What you should realize is that you aren’t losing when you appreciate your customers. If anything, you are simply being proactive about marketing your business even more.

There are different ways businesses use to appreciate their customers. Check out some of them below. Pick whichever works for you and sit back for magic to happen.
● Recognize Outstanding Customers
Everyone loves to be recognized, now use that to your advantage. Highlight a customer who has consistently helped you grow your business, then feature them as a customer of the week or month. You can put that on your website, social media accounts, or even right in front of your store or office. This will encourage other customers who love your business to get involved in your success. It is a win-win situation; not only are you showing appreciation to your customers, but you are also likely going to make more sales.
● Create an Exclusive Program
Another way of appreciating your customers is to give them exclusive access to products or services you haven’t made available to the general public. Many big companies do this, and with email marketing software, you can differentiate these outstanding customers and invite them to come to enjoy this exclusivity. In the long run, this builds trust and loyalty.
● Offer Referral Bonus
You can offer your customers a small discount or some company swag to get them to participate in a referral bonus. All you need to do to make this work is having a structure around it and make the terms and conditions clear. Remember this; you don’t have to give a huge bonus before you appreciate your customers.