Online Voting Idea
Online Voting Idea

For new a Menu Launch…

With everyone at home and all hooked to their computers what about an event that uses “Online Voting.” So here is the idea, you have a series of 6 new kinds of chili but you can only add one to the 2020 menu.

What to do?

How about an online voting event that has your client’s taste all six chili types then go online and vote for the best one. They purchase the food package for a small fee of $5.00 to cover food costs, taste the food from home then vote from their computer on the best one. For participating at the event your restaurant gives all who vote a $10 food gift card. Buy the food don’t vote don’t get the gift card.

To advertise the events send out a Flyer explaining the process and feature the food to be tasted. I would preprint in volume full-color event flyers with the bottom 1/3 left open for you to custom print each new food voting event plus the online voting form. See below.