Adult Coloring Reasons
Adult Coloring Reasons

Start With What You Like.

Choose coloring books based on what you like to work with: flowers, landscapes, geometric patterns, animals, etc.

Buy One Book and Finish It.

Don’t go overboard on the coloring book purchases. Keep working on one and finish it before buying another.

Get Free Samples.

Print out sample adult coloring pages online before buying a book.

Test Your Tools.

Always test your pens and markers on an inconspicuous part of a page to check its color and fluidity.

Protect the Paper.

Always color on a page that rests on a cardboard or thick paper to prevent bleed-throughs and indentations on the next page.

Work With Fresh Tips.

Sharpened pencils allow you to work longer on a drawing.

Do Not Be Afraid of Color.

Play with colors to see which colors work well together and what type of effects they produce when mixed. 

Use Your Tools.

If you have a limited number of pencils, don’t be afraid to mix colors to come up with new ones.

Do Not Be Predictable.

Take a chance and grab a color pen without choosing, then use it.

Use Different Media.

Other than color pencils, pens and markers, you can also use crayons and inks.

Buy Quality Colors.

Buy the best options you can afford. Cheaper versions may not deliver well.

Check Your paper.

If you have the right paper type, you could even use watercolor, gouache or acrylic and produce great effects, colors and tones.

Do What You Like.

If you want to see green sky, a blue rose, a polka-dotted giraffe, a lemonade pink ocean, go ahead and color them what you like.

Ignore the Mistakes.

If your colors spill over the lines, keep working. It is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes. Just work on it, cover it, blend it or let it go. 


Use a blending stomp or Q-tips to allow colors to fade into one another.

Use Pressure.

Pressure allows you to control the shade of the color you use. Lighter pressure means lighter shade while increased pressure means darker shade and bigger lines.

Add Darker Colors.

Darker colors add contrast and depth, and improves the character of the drawing.

Work With a Partner or a Group.

It’s more fun and you get to exchange tips and techniques.

Get Advice.

There are numerous YouTube adult coloring how to tips that can help you with your techniques and improve your style.

Enjoy Yourself.

Go slowly on a drawing and take your time to work on it. You’ll like the results better.