Family Night
Family Night

Okay during POST Covid-19 pandemic more families are going to spend time at home with the family. In doing this they might be interested in doing different things that include your take-out dinner option.

We have suggested three options like Photo Scavenger Hunt, Foodbank Fundraiser, and the Halloween Coloring Party. These TYFYB examples are opportunities to add your take-out and delivery to their family time.

To add to the impact of the family night as a TYFYB opportunity other local businesses could support these events through advertising to their customer base.

Another TYFYB opportunity is to directly support these events through the purchase of specific restaurant gift cards that represent pre-payment to the restaurant for each food item for the event.

This “20 % off” gift cards are used as a perk gift to regular customers during the general course of business. If someone needs a perk gift give this “20% off” gift card.

At websites like the National Today, they have ideas like Food and Beverage Holidays. These ideas are other ways for your restaurant to get your products into the family night process.