Handwritten Post Card is  Important
Handwritten Post Card is Important

The Business Benefits of The Handwritten Note

A handwritten note is like a jewel found in the desert in our present world. When you open your mail every morning, you are greeted by dozens, if not more, of emails. If you will be sincere, you only check those from familiar people and maybe one or two with a catchy subject.

Because the Internet is so convenient, it is easy to dash off an email. But electronic messaging simply does not have the same impact as a carefully-composed letter. It is a thrill to find the hand-addressed envelope hiding amidst the deliverable. You can guarantee that your message will be the first item opened.

It has become so rare to receive a handwritten correspondence that the receipt in itself is a celebration to be savored. The benefits of sending your customers handwritten notes are numerous that not doing it should be a crime. Sadly, not many businesses are utilizing this golden opportunity to connect to their customers uniquely. And as such are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of a handwritten note.

  • It shows you care

Taking the time out of a busy schedule is a deliberate decision, and if you think your customers won’t appreciate that, then you have to think again. Everyone loves to be shown affection, and, in this case, you can write to your customers like your best friend. The handwritten letter then becomes your heartfelt message in your handwriting speaking volumes to convey thanks.

  • Advance in customer relations

Beyond what you sell to your customers, one thing you don’t ever want to lose is your relations with your customers. It is that important. So, while you are not exactly sure how best to relate with your customers, you should look out to sending handwritten notes to your most outstanding customers.

  • You create a keepsake.

More often than not, the person you are writing to will keep your letter nearby, something they are not likely to do with an email. Letters can be kept for years and re-read over and over again, which brings your thoughtfulness to mind frequently.

One thing that many businesses forget is that their customers are humans with feelings. As many reports and experts have found out, companies that win make good use of empathy. Many business processes look at automation. While that isn’t bad in itself, what many businesses should be looking towards is empathy marketing. The benefits are too good to be true.

In the most minimum, to do this, all you have to realize is that your customers or prospects are looking to solve a problem. It is now your job to present them with the solution to their problems. In other words, what you should be looking to do is putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

To fully utilize empathy in your business, you should do the following;

  • Put your customers first
  • Get into their world – listen and observe to understand
  • Focus on conversations, not campaigns
  • Find means to help, that’s the best marketing
  • Empower employees closer to your customers
  • Practice empathy personally

To activate the magic of empathy in your business right away, there is this tyfyb initiative that uses the latest form of technology to create personal cards. You will love it, but your customers will love it more.

Check out the details below and get ready to wow your customers and increase your market share.

Animal Hospital Scenario

So you are the person elected to take care of the most important animal in our lives, Donald. Donald is aging and is having some health problems but it looks like you the vet is going to have the opportunity to pull Donald through this problem.

As for following up on this traumatic event for the Jones family, you have taken some photos with Donald and his stay at the animal hospital. Though it has been a scary event Donald has pulled through and it’s now time for the handwritten get well card.

This card has a personal touch from you the vet with Donald’s name, “Get Well Soon” catchphrase, and a 25 to a 50-word personal message to the Jones family. This handwritten tyfyb initiative uses the latest form of technology to create a personal card.

It is filled in by your team at the Animal Hospital, information is sent over the Internet, and the personal card is designed, printed, and handcrafted with your message then mailed to the Jones Family.

Click here to see Form Sample.

See the pricing table below

This is used to get your own handwritten postcard program. Level one is Free with 5 custom postcards. A $125.00 Value at No Charge.

Free Program
This is the Starter Package
Uses Standard Form
Post Card Name/Caption
25 Word Card Message
2 Free Post Cards/Postage
$25.00 Additional Cards/Postage
Custom Form Set-up
50 Custom Canadian Stamps
10 Cards Per Month no Rollover
Gold Program
This is the Premium Package
Custom Form Set-up
Post Card Name/Caption
50 Word Card Message
50 Custom Canadian Stamps
10 Cards Per Month no Rollover
$6.00 ea Additional Card
Uses Standard Form
2 Free Post Cards/Postage