Conventional Direct Mail?

Direct Mail in Marketing

Direct mail has been rumored to be a dying communication form, but studies have shown that it still has a place in the world of marketing. In Royal Mail’s ‘The Private Life of Mail’, a survey conducted in 2013 exploring consumers’ preference between email and direct mail, results tipped in favor of the latter. The survey revealed that 63 percent of people were more likely to pay attention to and respond to a marketing campaign if it was received via direct mail; 18 percent said they preferred brand promotion via email.

What the Royal Mail’s Survey Revealed

‘The Private Life of Mail’ had some interesting results. Not only did it report that people preferred direct mail to email, it also revealed that emotional connection and the power of touch still has a strong place in the world of marketing. Just as its been said that face-to-face meetings can never be fully replaced by social media when it comes to networking, direct mail still seems to hold a place when it comes to brand promotion and cementing consumer relationships.

A Combination of the Two

What the Royal Mail’s survey also showed was that when it comes to communication with consumers, a combination of direct and email often has the best results. According to the survey, 51 percent of people preferred to receive a combination of the two so they could have the convenience and quick accessibility of email combined with the more personal and tangible effect of direct mail.