Holiday Email Technique

So it’s holiday time and yet you have one more email to send before the festive holiday. Here is a simple technique used to deliver your email with a personal holiday touch to it.

 So what is the goal? 

You are sending your email with a personal touch and all without the sales pitch in your email. You talk about how the holiday is your favorite time of the year and add a bit of information about maybe how your family enjoys the holiday season. The last step is to explain that you have a holiday gift for them with instructions on how to get the gift. 

Instructions are as follows: 

The subscriber needs to ask for the holiday gift by clicking the link and sending an email to your newsletter email address. This qualifies each subscriber as someone interested in your offer topic. So the offer is about Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and/or Email Marketing. This is segmenting your list and categorizing based upon people’s interests.

Here are the steps:

1) Develop your downloadable PDF mailing piece that has niche-specific content and add the soft pitch in the conclusion of the downloaded PDF. Then load it on the web with a download link.

2) Develop the email with the message and add the following to the “click here” link…Use the following generic Web Address and add your custom content: text message&body=Body Text Message

This will allow your subscriber to automatically open their email window, add your request message to the subject and body and add your email address to the TO email field. Again the web link automatically adds the request message in the subject line and body of the email. All they have to do is send the email.

3) Then turn on the Vacation function to your email newsletter and add the download email message. The vacation function is used to deliver the requests automatically…

That’s it!!! For the next 24 to 48 hours of your holiday season your follow up emails are being sent automatically and all with the personal touch.