Why Wear Sunglasses?

This is my first post with the use of the audiogram and the audiogram talks about the power of using sunglasses. The businesses that should use this kind of content are the local eyeglass company that sells high-end sunglasses with their prescription glasses business.

The power of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes is a great opportunity to say “thank you for your business” through an upsell of the purchase of high end sunglasses with the prescription eye glass purchase. The thank you gift is a 30 to 40 percent off the designer sunglasses with the purchase of prescription eye wear.

The Process of Winemaking

Winemaking is no new endeavor. It has been around for thousands of years, and thankfully the process is natural as mother nature has provided everything that is needed to make wine. It is up to humans to improve what nature has provided, and you will agree with this if you have extensive wine tasting experience.

There are necessarily five stages in the making of wine: harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, then aging, and bottling. There are a few deviations that different brands use to make their wine unique, but those five steps are the fundamentals.

Let’s look into them.

  1. The harvest

Harvesting or picking is, no doubt, the first step in winemaking. Without the fruit, we can’t talk about wine; and the fruit is none other than grape. No other fruit has enough sugar to produce the amount of alcohol needed to preserve the beverage. And the required acids, esters and tannins can be found only in grapes.

Most winemakers harvest grapes manually or mechanically when the grapes are ripe. Upon getting to the winery, winemakers sort the grape bunches, cutting out rotten or under-ripe fruit before crushing.

  1. Crushing and pressing

The next stage in winemaking is crushing and pressing. In time pasts, men and women have to crush the grapes manually but nowadays, mechanical crushing has been introduced. Many winemakers prefer to let fermentation occur before crushing and pressing.

It is important to note that until crushing, the process of making white and red wine are the same. Also, when making white wine, the grapes are pressed to separate the juice from the skins, seeds and solids. That way, the unwanted color from the skin does not leach into the white wine.

  1. Fermentation

Fermentation is an important process in the winemaking process. When allowed to ferment naturally, the wine will take 6-12 hours to begin. However, winemakers can also inoculate the fermentation process to not only speed up the reaction but also accurately determine the alcohol level.

  1. Clarification

Immediately fermentation is complete; clarification takes place. Winemakers can use either rack or siphon their wines from one tank or barrel to the other. This is done to extract precipitates and solids known as pomace at the bottom of the fermentation tank. Winemakers can also filter at the clarification stage.

  1. Aging and bottling

After clarification, winemakers can go on to bottle the wine or proceed to age. Further aging can be done in the bottle, stainless barrels or ceramic tanks, large wooden ovals, or small barrels. Whatever choice is employed at this final stage is up to the winemaker, and the options are endless. The end product of them all, however, is your fine, lovely wine.

“Thank your Parent’s/Grandparent’s Challenge”

6 Things You Should Thank Your Parents/Grandparents for Today

Say thank you with a handwritten greeting card. Download the above Card.
Say thank you with a handwritten greeting card. Download the above Card.

When you think about your parents, what comes to mind? The many amazing experiences you had together? It is true what they said that not all heroes wear capes. For many of us, our parents are the first heroes we knew. It is rather surprising that many of us fail to appreciate these amazing beings for their labor of love.

Seeing how much we ought to thank our parents, it is somehow unbelievable that we find it difficult to do. You will soon find out that one of the many reasons for this is that there are just way too many things to be thankful for. So, the best way to go is to start to thank them for the little things one after the other.

Having recognized how important our parents are, we are setting up a “Thank your parents challenge”. This is your chance to show them you really care. Let us know how wonderful your parents are.

So, what do you thank your parents for, especially when you are planning to send them a handwritten card? Here are a few simple ideas to help you.

  1. Letting You Be A Child

This might sound not so real, but if you know the number of children all over the world who have been robbed the chance to be children, then you will be thankful. If your parents did an amazing job letting you be carefree and be as happy as possible as a child, then you should thank them for that. A message as simple as “thank you, dad and mom, for letting me be a child. I appreciate it.” will do.

  1. Letting You Know When You Need To Be An Adult

It’s hard when growing up. You should thank your parents for helping you make the first steps towards adulthood. Say, “thank you, mom, for always being there when I was growing up. You stood by me and showed me the way.”

  1. Putting Up With Your Teenage Angst

If you have ever seen a teenager or been around one recently, then you will know it’s not easy being an adult around a teenager. But your parents did nevertheless. Hormonal angst in teenagers makes them want things completely their way, but parents are there to make sure they do the right things. Thank your parents for that.

  1. Having To Learn Maths Again

Many people say when you leave college, you don’t need algebra again, but your parents can testify that isn’t true. They had to learn all over so they can help you with your homework. You should thank them for that too.

  1. Listening To You Even When You Are Boring or Annoying

Parents have to listen to the same routine over and over again from their children and bear it even when they are annoying. You will appreciate this more when you have children. Throughout all those years, your parents didn’t falter, you should appreciate them.

  1. Leaving You When You Needed It

Not everyone knows when to leave someone they truly love, especially parents. You should appreciate yours for letting you live your life and be given your space when you needed it.

You see, our parents are the first humans we know, and for their many sacrifices for us, we might not be able to thank them enough. However, if we can appreciate them for a few of the little things they did while we were growing up, like those listed above, it will count as something. Don’t go through today without sending a handwritten card to your parents, come up with less than 50 words to show your gratitude in our “Thank your parent’s challenge”, appreciating them for all their love over the years.

Rule One! Appreciate your Customers

Many business owners quickly forget that their customers are real human beings like themselves. They fail to realize that these customers also have feelings, goals, dreams, families and even other businesses to patronize. Don’t be like those entrepreneurs; make it a duty to consciously appreciate your customers.

Oftentimes, simply sending a “thank you for your patronage” email can go a long way. What you should realize is that you aren’t losing when you appreciate your customers. If anything, you are simply being proactive about marketing your business even more.

There are different ways businesses use to appreciate their customers. Check out some of them below. Pick whichever works for you and sit back for magic to happen.
● Recognize Outstanding Customers
Everyone loves to be recognized, now use that to your advantage. Highlight a customer who has consistently helped you grow your business, then feature them as a customer of the week or month. You can put that on your website, social media accounts, or even right in front of your store or office. This will encourage other customers who love your business to get involved in your success. It is a win-win situation; not only are you showing appreciation to your customers, but you are also likely going to make more sales.
● Create an Exclusive Program
Another way of appreciating your customers is to give them exclusive access to products or services you haven’t made available to the general public. Many big companies do this, and with email marketing software, you can differentiate these outstanding customers and invite them to come to enjoy this exclusivity. In the long run, this builds trust and loyalty.
● Offer Referral Bonus
You can offer your customers a small discount or some company swag to get them to participate in a referral bonus. All you need to do to make this work is having a structure around it and make the terms and conditions clear. Remember this; you don’t have to give a huge bonus before you appreciate your customers.

Revealed! Businesses That Follow-Up Win

If you are sincerely interested in your business growth, then you must follow-up on your prospects and existing customers. It is as simple as that. It is not uncommon to find many small business owners being resistant about following up; some don’t want to come out as being pushy, while others are just plain lazy.

Reports have shown that 80% of sales require five follow-up calls. So, if you never follow-up in the first place, you aren’t even trying. You must remember that people buy from businesses they trust and follow-up can help you gain your prospects and existing customers’ trust. It is what top businesses are using, and you should follow-up too.

You may ask, “what exact benefits does following-up bring to my business?” Let’s go over some of those;

● Showcases You Don’t Take Them for Granted
Imagine you bought some shoes from a retail store and two days later, you got a mail or call from the business owner wanting to know if you like your shoe or if at all you will be wearing it out the next day. You can bet that you will be all smiles the next time you find yourself in the store. It is simple, what businesses that follow-up is telling their customers is this, “Hey, I value that you buy from us, we appreciate you and we love to see you smile.”

● Establishes Rapport
You must remember that relationships matter in business. Businesses that win use follow-up to build rapport with their customers. Many buyers have reported that businesses that take time to establish a good rapport with them through regular follow-ups eventually got them to do business with them.

● Eventual Boost in Sales
This should come as no surprise. Many businesses who give up after one or two follow-ups never achieve the success that good follow-up brings. When you don’t give up, it won’t be long before you start reaping the benefits also.

Your customers coming again & again!

Customized thank yous are simply unique appreciative methods that businesses use to show appreciation to their customers. The truth is human beings, including your customers, love to be appreciated. How would you feel if your favorite business sends you a personalized “thank you” note? Now, imagine your business doing that to your customers.
Proven methods you can use to appreciate your customers are numerous. Let’s discuss some of them.

• Gift cards
If a person already likes your offering, it is easy to get them to buy from you again. And one of the ways of doing that is to offer them gift cards. Think about it, which business will you patronize next time, the one that sends you a gift card after buying from them or the one that does not even remember you?

• Handwritten note
This might not look much, but you will be surprised by the wonders it can do. Get the details of your repeat customers and write personalized notes to them. Stamp it and mail it, then sit back and wait for wonders. Not many people receive thank you notes these days, so doing so will show that you remember them and indeed appreciate their love for your business.

• Support their work and businesses
Your customers are real people with jobs or businesses, and you can show your appreciation by supporting them. Partner with them on marketing campaigns support a cause they champion or refer people to their businesses too. If you do this, they will most likely love you forever.

5 Ideas to get back on your feet!

Our world is going through a unique time in history. And many countries are finding new ways to deal with the virus even while saving the economy.
For you, that means you must find a new reality to live without faulting lockdown or social distance rules. How can you then save your restaurant?

1. Embrace take-out and delivery
No-contact take-out and delivery have become the norm in many parts of the world, and many more people won’t stop taking orders when the lockdown is over. So, keep your customer as well as their friends and families by optimizing this.

2. Promote gift cards
Selling gift cards is one sure way restaurants are using to create cash flow, and you can do that too. This helps you to not only get back on your feet, but it also means you don’t have to provide anything back in return.

3. Maintain communication with your customers
When all this is over, people will remember businesses that reached out to them in their most trying times. Reach out to them and let them know you care.

4. Update menu
There is danger out there, but there are also opportunities. Now is the time to evaluate your menu. Remove what isn’t selling and focus on what your customers like.

5. Ramp up digital marketing
How will people know you are there if they don’t hear from you? Promote your contents online. Revamp your website if needed and establish your presence on social media.

3 Reasons for Great Customer Service

People can forget what they bought from you, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Great customer service entails how you and your employees treat your customers. Were you friendly or otherwise?
Three of the most evident reasons why customers buy from a business with great customer service include the following;
1. They are treated well
All human beings crave attention and affection. While the levels of our cravings are different, we all long for them. Now, any business that can unlock this aspect wins. Think about it, a restaurant that responds to your orders most respectably and efficiently or another whose employee shuns you, which are you likely to enter the next time? Without a doubt, the former wins. People remember who makes them feel good, and you better be that business who does that.

2. Showcases a healthy culture
When you treat people well, they tend to believe you are a good person with their interest at heart. Now, excellent customer service drives customer retention, and the reason for that is because it fosters trust between the business and its customers. People prefer to deal with businesses with excellent customer service because they are relived and able to trust a person who treats them well.

3. They feel included
Customers get acquitted to a business when they are informed about every step in the business journey. One great way businesses appreciate their customers these days is to keep them updated on news concerning the business, whether new staff, another recipe or location in another neighborhood. Customers appreciate this because they feel included and they in return, share a part of them with the business.

Profitable with E-Mail

Simple Landing Page with Auto-Responder

With a maximum of just 100 subscribers, the cost for the auto-responder set up is at under $100 per month with a professional manager. The privileged custom Biz Cards are at $20.00 per member with a 20% gift card as their gift to people wanting to join your restaurant.

Your first 100 subscribers should be grown by word of mouth and be your best clients that pitch your business at every turn. You would start a VIP club called a catchy name my VIP club is called “The HELLO Club.” For every member, I print 100 business cards with a TYFYB 20% personal gift card. See below

Remember that all offers are sent via email so there are NO printing of flyers, menus, or any other print material than the biz cards. To advertise this VIP club have a display set up behind the register and you offer a TYFYB gift to all regular customers by using these custom VIP business cards. All returning customers can get 20% off the table check if they use one of these VIP biz cards. This is not a DISCOUNT it’s a TYFYB Gift. See below.

Take-Home Dessert

Selling Dessert is Tricky

Another area that you can begin to grow with little or no effort is the take-home dessert. This needs to be a take-home dessert as if they eat in the dessert it will affect your table turns throughout the night. If they are eating a $10.00 dessert and taking an extra 20 minutes it will affect the number of people that you can serve during the night.

What if you could add $7.50 to the bottom line without taking the time up at the tables. In most cases, the people are already full of the meal but maybe they would be interested in taking home their favorite dessert. What are the numbers to add $7.50 per meal to the bill? We just added $10,800 to the bottom line by just offering the take-home dessert.